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Apr 032012
Sperma Party

Sperma Party

Sperma Party (Italiano!) is a DVD from ATV entertainment. One long gang bang throughout the movie the DVD departs from the usual scene 1, 2, 3 … format as although it is divided into chapters the whole DVD is a rolling orgy. There are four girls and forty guys all wanting to get it on in what appears to be a pole dancing club.

The opening scenes are girl on girl, or to be accurate girl on girl on girl on girl. There’s a lot of mutual masturbation and the occasional glass dildo until the busload of guys gets in on the act.

You’ll find multiple penetrations, ATM and most of the usual porn movie permutations all topped off with a bukkake scene followed by the girls snowballing the cum from the recipient of the assembled guys’ ball sacks.

If you want a gang bang movie this makes a refreshing change from the US and US-influenced gang bang movies. It seems fresher and more natural, if a gang bang being filmed can be natural. Sperma party will not win any awards for originality but it does score highly on honesty and quantity of fucking.

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